03 February 2012

Just for new day

what it means to make love "sex"?
     Regarding this issue opinions are divided, namely: two people have sex when they are attracted to each other, or sex of need, that is because they need money or get something in return, this sex.
    When a person makes love to the other means that they already know and love comes between them, what I mean is that they do because of feelings.
      Instead, it fucks with a whore and need one, that is for money or for a problem to be solved with this sex.Or are whores that fuck watching porn sites like porn video vulgar, which excites them and through them reach orgasm.
      With porn video xxx real sex we can see, how and what moves we need to address, together with our partner, or alone, depending on the situation.
      Sex is great when you start to understand and do your research after porn video that helps you, and you can put into practice to become expert in sex, but should not be used often, that after bringing addiction, and no to May you can have sex with your partner without porn video.
       Me and my partner have sex eg watching video on the website porn is a great site and a wide range of interesting porn, so you get the maximum satisfaction and great hard sex, do not be ashamed xxx video, it is normal, all we do in life.

        Thank you for your attention

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